Trees are beautiful and come in all types, shapes and sizes. Trees, or in particular the leaves and needles, change through the season. This makes them an interesting subject throughout the year. My favorite time to photograph trees is autumn. The color palette that arises in this season has a big attraction and is a huge source of inspiration to me. Even in winter, when all leaves have fallen, trees are very photogenic when they are covered with snow or hoarfrost. I really love to photograph in a forest, preferably in the morning with the first light, in the mist or after heavy rainfall. Trees are not only beautiful, they are also important. They produce oxygen, give food to people and animals, can be used as raw materials, provide shade, offer living space to different animals, etc. Trees stand for life and therefore are powerful and meaningful subjects for my photography. The images in this gallery are shot in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Scotland, Spain and Canada.

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