Like ice, there are so many shapes and structures to be found in snow. The real beauty of snow, however, is that the landscape looks so pristine when it is covered with it. It covers all imperfections of the landscape and make it looks clean. You could also say that it gives a dreamy effect sometimes. But at the same time, snow can also be cruel and even dangerous. Think of avalanches or snow storms. Snow should never be underestimated. I’ve experienced many snowstorms in which a number of times the view completely faded, you became disoriented and could barely keep standing because of the enormous wind gusts. But I must confess, I think it’s fantastic, as long it goes well of course. Extreme conditions makes your heart beat faster and gives you a feeling you will never experience when you keep sitting behind your desk. So when it’s winter, go outside and embrace the adventure that lies in the snow. Almost all photos shown in this gallery are made in Iceland except for one from Germany.

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