Whether it’s a frozen waterfall or lake, glacier ice or sea ice, ice is fantastic. Ice lends itself extremely well to detail and abstract photography. You can find so many shapes and structures in ice that you can always discover new things in it. An iceberg, for example, is already a work of art in itself, but if you zoom in on it you can find many more small pieces of art. If you photograph a glacier or just a small part of it, you sometimes do not realize that this ice can be a few thousand years old. However, what we also do not always realize, is that the ice is melting rapidly on both the north and south pole and what the big consequences are of this. The earth’s poles are the natural air conditioning of our planet and therefore needed to prevent the temperature on earth globally to rise. So ice is not only a stunning subject to photograph, we need ice to keep our planet healthy. The shots in this gallery are from Iceland, Spitsbergen and Greenland.

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