In the winter of 2013 I photographed this natural disaster on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the west of Iceland. More than 30 thousand tons of herring were found dead in the Kolgrafafjörður fjord. Researchers think that the massive herring deaths has come from the low levels of oxygen in the water (hypoxia). The doomed herring were traveling in a large school and probably used up the oxygen in the small fjord fairly quickly and suffocated because of that. It was a food festival for many birds and came in large numbers to take advantage of this disaster. I remember the smell was really terrible and you could smell it everywhere in the surrounding area. My boots were completely covered in dead fish and it took me a lot of effort not to vomit. The contrast between the beautiful landscape and the enormous amount of dead fish was huge and therefor I will not easily forget this shocking experience.

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