Aurora, better known as Northern Lights, remains a fantastic spectacle, even after dozens of experiences. During my many visits to Iceland I was fortunate that this beautiful natural phenomenon wanted to show itself quite a lot. The cameras years ago were perhaps not optimal to photograph this magical light, luckily with today’s cameras it’s a lot easier and qualitatively better. Since you can only photograph it in the evening and night, so when it’s dark, it takes a lot of practice before you get it all right. An accurate focusing and exposure are crucial in photographing the Northern Lights, because you work with very small depths of field and high contrast differences between the northern lights itself and the foreground. In this gallery you see a small selection from the many light shows that I have seen so far. I am very grateful that I may witness all this natural beauty because of my work. Photography gives you so much more than just images, it also gives you many unforgettable memories.

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